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Chris Walsh

FLASHBACKS: Tales of a Fourth-Grade "Huh?" thing

While cleaning, I found a school newspaper from April 1984. It has my almost-earliest published writing. (My earliest, I think, was in the third grade, but I haven't found that yet.) It was the Trantwood Talebearer from Trantwood Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Va., and it was published (according to the cover) April 30th, 1984, when I was 10 1/2 years old. I had two pieces in it.

And now, Internets, I cringe-ingly present those two pieces to you:


It's that time of year again! It's getting hotter (Wow, I am sweating just thinking about it! Ha ha!), and so, more and more ice cream is being bought by us kids at Trantwood. I thought we should find out the favorite ice cream so the school can buy more of the favorites.

A sheet was passed out to the classes that asked them [their] favorite ice creams. Well, the results are in and here they are:

Ice cream sandwiches - 65
Nutty buddies - 321! Oh my gosh!!
Brown mule - 51
Fudge bar - 74

Nutty buddies are the winners by a mile; I wonder if that says something about our school!!!!

Christopher Walsh

And this was on Page 15. And even I'm not quite sure what I was trying to say:


Mrs. Hurt's class is being fossilized over a new contract. We're studying rocks, and Mrs. Hurt made a contract for us.

The requirements included: crossword puzzles, research, and story writing.

Options were seek and find puzzles, more crossword puzzles, writing ads, and even the opportunity to make your own fossil or rock collection.

We may have been fossilized when we first received the contract, but once we started working on the assignments, we started enjoying it.

Look at all the fun you missed!!!

Christopher Walsh

Also found, and possibly to go up here later: articles I wrote in 7th and 8th grades. And those pieces sound more like me than the above two do. Yes, already in the late Eighties I had something approximating a style...
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