Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Rappin' 'bout the birthday of lbitw

Happy birthday, Jason, known on LJ as lbitw:

He's diggin' the riggin'
His fightin's excitin'
(S-C-A! Oh yes way!)
Likes mummies, or mumm-ays
The punk rock, rocks his socks
Good booze, too! That's no crock!
Romancin'? Advancin'
Good birthday? Good chancin'!

Happy birthday, Jason. (Not too late! Unlike what I thought last night...) Enjoy things; enjoy people.

P.S. I did rap-music hand gestures while sounding out each line. I'm not ready for a rap-off but maybe...someday, maybe...
Tags: birthdays, poetical

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