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Words of wisdom from Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala

Not only did they show their handiwork Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, but Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala spoke of how they made it, and how other people can make movies. Saturday at 1, they gave a presentation in the Hollywood Theatre (not yet packed to the walls for the screening), telling of what you need to need should you heed the words of Lloyd Kaufman and Make your Own Damn Movie! They touched on this again in the post-film Q&A. And two particular tidbits came out of those talks that I wanted to share separately:

* People got hurt more than once on the film. There was even a broken arm. Eric Zala got hurt when he and his crew tried to make a plaster mold of his face (for when Belloq's head explodes). They used plaster that caused a burning sensation all over his face; they'd neglected to put Vaseline on his eyebrows and eyeslashes, so those hairs were embedded in the plaster; and it took hospital technicians with saws (plural) to get the mold off his face. His lashes and half of an eyebrow went off his face with the mold. "I was told 'sometimes they grow back,'" Zala said. They did.

But he mentioned that, and the story about setting the family basement on fire, to make a larger point: "Don't, do, what we did. Don't. We were young; we were dumb; it could've been, instead of a Cinderella story, a cautionary tale. Don't, Do, It."

* In the (only pyschologically) painful field of writing, Strompolos and Zala hammered home this point: write, then rewrite what you've written, and rewrite it again and again, because you have to get the writing as good as you can get it. They are now writing their own original script, and are rewriting often. So, they added, did M. Night Shyamalan. They said that Shyamalan didn't come up with the ending of The Sixth Sense until his 10th draft; it wasn't until then that he made the mental leap Wait! Maybe Dr. Malcolm Crowe is really...

"Thank goodness he didn't stop with Draft 9," Zala said.
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