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Second Big Lebowski thought of the week

From a recent e-mail exchange between me and Cort & Fatboy:
CHRIS: Cort. Fatboy.

So. Anyway. Next month we'll be joined by many drunk people to watch The Big Lebowski. It's possible that more people than we'd like will try to recite the whole f'ing movie to show how well they know it, and that more people than we'd like might misbehave just on general principles, and be (as Dawn said about Friday night) "talky asshats." We might need protection from this. We might need to make sure that people don't misbehave. We might need the Bagdad to be patrolled by GUYS DRESSED AS THE GERMAN NIHILISTS.

Just a suggestion.


CORT: Better yet, security should all be dressed in Jesus suits. And if anyone gets out of control our roving band of Jesi sidle up behind the offenders and breathe into their ears "Nobody fucks with the Jesus." It would be great to see a bunch of "pederasts" booting a drunk guy from the Bagdad.
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