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A False Wakefulness

Up earlier than expected. I hope I got enough sleep -- sleep including a dream set in what felt like the Mississippi Delta, but with docks loaded with Colonial-era tall ships that I think you're more likely to see in New England than Louisiana -- but I spent just over an hour awake in bed, staying restful and hoping that maybe I'd get a little more shuteye. Didn't happen.

At least the dream was soothing. For much of it I was with many people on a wide-bodied boat sailing through these wide expanses of water; the boat moved very quietly, almost ghost-like, past the trees and small islands. The people onboard were quiet as well, transfixed by the scenery gliding past. Then our ship arrived at the port with the docks and the other, more incongruous ships, and then things got noisier. (One tall ship was being moved through a tight maze of docks, bumping against them. This was presented as normal.)

What I'm feeling now feels like a false wakefulness, like parts of me aren't yet as awake as the rest of me. Part of me was fine with opening my eyes at 4:11 a.m., very early for me; another part of me did so under some protest.

Well, I'm awake now. And the dream's been noted. Time to really wake up, to the point where I can be useful.
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