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I (want to) hear voices!

A reminder, posted on a slow day at work:

If you have a Sponsored/Plus, Paid or Permanent LiveJournal account, you can make LJ Voice Posts.

I'd love to hear more of you do voice posts.

I'm a voice geek. It's partly why I'm a media geek and keep getting to know DJs; I enjoy the sound of people's voices. (It can be a big part of who I find attractive; my former girlfriend Alicia is definitely cute, but I really like her voice: very rich, like a slightly higher-pitched Julia Stiles. Alicia's a pleasure to listen to.)

So here I am encouraging you to do a voice post. If you haven't before, here's the FAQ with instructions. (And this should take you to your settings set-up, if you haven't done voice posts before.)

Try it, you might like it. And it'd be neat to hear more of your voices.

And if you feel that anxiety lots of us have about our voices, remember: you're speaking among friends. (You also can choose to make your voice post Friends-Only after you record it.)
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