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Allow me to diss the Trib. Impugn the 'Bune. Your pick.

So the Portland Tribune ("the 'Bune," I call it) is making changes. Changes so far have included firing my friend coffeeinhell from her freelancing gig, so I'm already inclined to think that their further changes will not be good ones, either (though coffeeinhell landed on her feet: she'll write reviews elsewhere, and she's started a chocolate-making company. Woot!).

Said changes (linked here) aren't described until halfway through the piece, after the jump in the print version, but the 'Bune's going from twice-weekly to once-weekly (Thursdays) and laying off more people. And get better with fewer. (Would Klingons be better at that? "The Higher, The Fewer," y'know...)

The Page One stuff is all "We Love Us" fluff, explaining the paper's greatness to those who just don't get it. After the jump to Page 2, it says that its greatness will extend to an online daily paper. Since the 'Bune already has a daily online paper at Local News Daily, I'm unclear whether that site's getting folded into this other daily paper, or what...

In the process of announcing all this, the piece (at varying levels of passive-aggressiveness) disses several other Portland publications and bloggers at large, which it calls "prone to vitriolic negativity." Oh, I'm waiting for how the Portland Mercury's Blogtown USA reacts to this diss! Smartassedly, I believe.

So the 'Bune will serve all your Portland journalism needs provide less fishwrap. For Great Success and Glory!


(The reason I call it The 'Bune? Back in 2001 I was in downtown Portland, pulled a Tribune from a box near Pioneer Courthouse Square, and found that guerrilla marketers had inserted copies of a Portland sex industry magazine in that box's papers. Ah, I thought, poon in The 'Bune.)
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