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Oh, yeah. Like, Christmas and stuff.

Tonight: Made sure to remind myself of Christmas. I went to the seasonally-open Our Children’s Store – which raises money for local children’s charities – and gave ‘em some money in exchange for A) food, B) food, C) hot chocolate mix, D) kitchen stuff and E) possibly a gift for somebody. And then, a few blocks east down the Max line, there was Meier & Frank having its last season of Santaland, where animatronic elves prepare toys, penguins and pandas enjoy the snow, a model train steams around, kids get their picture taken with Santa (of course), and – neatest of all – a kids-sized monorail circles the room. Sadly, though it’s been around for many years, the monorail will be removed when the department store is remodeled as a smaller store with a hotel above it. That starts next month. In the meantime, kids under a certain height enjoy riding it.

I wondered aloud, “What’s the last ride on that going to be like? …Hey! They can let us on for that last ride! If it breaks, no big deal!”

(I’ve got to get into that building more before the remodel. I worked there briefly in December 2000 as a temp, stuffing envelopes. Also, not that you’d know it, but the first scene from my novel-in-progress The Idiot Plot opens in a bathroom I pictured looking very much like the Meier & Frank 10th-floor men’s room. That men’s room won’t be there soon. I want to see it again before it isn’t there!)


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    Hurray, LiveJournal is 25!

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    Hi. Thank you for reaching out; I apologize that I didn’t reach back sooner than now.

    I think about Alicia a lot. I wish I’d met her in person; I actually have family in the Raleigh-Durham area and…
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    8 Jan 2024, 05:34
    i am glad that there are those folks that remember her fondly. she was the love of my life and she cared about all of you so much.
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    8 Jan 2024, 05:21
    no one misses her more than i do.
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    5 Jan 2024, 00:28
    Thank you for reading it.
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