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The fridge runs on hate.

Something terrible has happened in the office fridge.

Sometime some weeks ago, something went bad in it/spilled in it/came to life in it/attacked a Ghostbuster in it, or something. From said fridge began to emit a funk. Not the funk that Savion Glover blessed us with; I'm talkin' 'bout spoiled Roast Cthulhu or something obscene.

Yesterday for the first time I could smell the fridge's bad smell from 25 feet away, from my cubicle, when the fridge wasn't open. Today, I specifically packed a lunch that DOESN'T NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED. Apple and carrot and Nissin Cup Noodles will be my flavored calories today during work.

I'm wondering if we're just gonna throw out the whole flippin' thing.
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