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Chris Walsh

Permission to ramble, GRANTED.

Reminder to you (and by “you” I mean “me”): when you can’t think of anything to write, then write anything. Something. General miscellaneous whatever. You can do it! So:

I’ll let myself ramble today, without worrying about making Some Big Point or being poetic or ticking off the time I’m online (I’m offline, in fact, as I write this entry). You can decide whether or not to read. See? Everyone can win!

* A covering-much-ground day: bus and Max to Beaverton, to do further car shopping. I saw a couple of good options. We shall see if one of these will be My Car. I took the #20 bus to downtown Portland for a treat, El Grillo tacos, though I should’ve gone with spiced pork, which I realized belatedly I was more in the mood for than regular pork. (Good. That was adequately rambly.)

* Since getting home, I’ve mainly put a bit of candy in my system (mini Charleston Chews and Good & Fruity – I didn’t know those were still made), with breaks for OJ and water. I’ll make a salad next and glop a thousand calories of salad dressing on it.

* Dinner last night was a treat: Mom made a special trip to Portland, picked me up and let me choose a restaurant. We ate good fish at Clay’s Smokehouse Grill and caught up on stuff.

* Thank you, Buffy fans, for being friends with me and encouraging me to watch it. I’ll finish Season Two this weekend. This is indeed a good show. Sunnydale still seems a wee bit under-populated, however… ;-) I already have a library hold placed on Season Three.

* I’m still VanDyked, like in my icon. I’m keeping the facial hair for now. So now I’m even more recognizable online!

* On my desktop (my physical desk, not my computer desktop) is the People Magazine “100 Most Beautiful People” photo of Christina Hendricks, Saffron herself from Firefly. She’s in a section celebrating redheads, who of course should be celebrated. To think I used to not have a thing for redheads, but happily, my tastes broadened…

* That mash-up of the songs “Paradise City” by Guns ‘n’ Roses and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles is a neat creation. “Rapture Riders” (“Rapture,” Blondie’s song about the man from Mars who once ate cars but who now only eats guitars, blended with The Doors’s “Riders on the Storm”) is even neater. Both were on the radio in the last set.

* (This bullet point is delayed while I eat more sweets. Sweet, sweets, sweets, I love sweets, sweet-y-sweet-sweets…)

* Just over a year ago I had a needed long weekend, by myself, at Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. (This day of entries has my long summing-up entry about it.) I left on the 3rd and got back on the 5th. I’m proud of myself for making that trip happen, and it was a reinvigorating time away. I miss the ocean right now, even the cold ocean that we have here in Oregon. (Even watching the Buffy episode “Go Fish” isn’t scaring me away from thoughts of the ocean…)

* I think this is a catch-up-on-sleep weekend for me. Heck, a catch-up-on-sleep week. shadesong was kind enough this week to link to an article about sleep dep; I’ve met Dr. William Dement, one of the people cited in the piece, and I’ve heeded his advice before…

* I hope you all are having enjoyable, worthy weekends. (Yeah, even you.)
Tags: firefly/whedon, language, music, peregrinations

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