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The car: already useful!

Certainly more useful so far than I've been this morning; I just woke up. (Hi.)

I brought the Civic home Tuesday night, then I went to my old Accord to move it out of my building's parking lot. (I needed it out of the way so that Jim who does maintenance can get a truck back there tonight.) Turned the key and, well, instead of the engine coming to life, lights on the dash came to, um, death. Almost no juice in the battery.

So I jumped it with the Civic. I jumped it THREE TIMES before I managed to get the Accord out of the lot and onto the street. Okay; I'm glad that the charities that pick up donated cars can pick up cars with dead batteries, too. (I'll find a charity to take the Accord away. If anyone has suggestions for which charity, I'll certainly take them.)

Goals today include switching my insurance to the Civic, so I can drive it more than to home and so the Accord can be useful to someone else. I'll also head downtown after work; I'll treat myself to dinner out and then get in line for the listener party for The Rick Emerson Show. It's the show's eleventh listener party; it's called "Emerson's Eleven." (Rick just saw the George Clooney Ocean's Eleven and liked it.) These are raucous good times, these parties (I went to the tenth one, last year), and heck, I can use a party.

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