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NOT a lost line from INXS's "Mediate"!

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for May 15th:

titivate (\TIH-tuh-vayt\)

to make or become smart or spruce

"Titivate," "spruce," "smarten," and "spiff" all mean "to make a person or thing neater or more attractive." "Titivate" often refers to making small additions or alterations in attire ("titivate the costume with sequins and other accessories") and can also be used figuratively, as in our example sentence. "Spruce up" is sometimes used for cosmetic changes or renovations that give the appearance of newness ("spruce up the house with new shutters and fresh paint before trying to sell it"). "Smarten up" and "spiff up" both mean to improve in appearance often by making more neat or stylish ("the tailor smartened up the suit with minor alterations"; "he needed some time to spiff himself up for the party"). The origins of "titivate" are uncertain, but it may have been formed from the English words "tidy" and "renovate."

Huh huh. Huh huh. "Titivate." (Yes, I posted this just so I could be Butt-Head for a minute.)
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