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This I could get used to.

Did my first road trip in my Civic today. Simple trip, ending at my parents' place in Dundee. Let myself take a not-straight-there path, stopping in Milwaukie (wanted to go to Things From Another World, but it wasn't open yet), at Fry's in Wilsonville and at Fred Meyer (coupon shopping!) before getting here. Car runs well and drives well. I'm managing to break my habit, needed on my '88 Accord and not needed on this newer car, of feeding gas before starting it.

Turns out the Civic doesn't have A/C installed, so if it's warm, it's warm, but I'll deal with that. It's manageable. The more important thing was having a reliable car again. I've already run an errand with it! Go me.

I plan to stay here overnight and visit with family. Aunt Nancy Weare from Guam is on the mainland -- she and Mom are out today seeing family members and friends -- so I'll get to see them later. Dad's home doing yardwork where it's shaded; it's mid-80s or higher out there right now. Yes, we'll get summer.

Time to relax. Tomorrow, I'll probably get gas in the Civic for the first time. I last bought gas in November. It was about $3.10 per gallon then.

Meanwhile, I think my last entry about a Stephen King-ish moment in my past is a nifty entry, if I may say so myself, so I'll share it again!
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