Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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A little wobbly

Hmm. Just awakened within the hour and already figuring I'll take a nap later. Mmm. Naps nice. And this is after I think I slept pretty thoroughly last night. Ideally I'd go back to sleep now, but that's tough for me to do, so: later. Makes sense. I like rest.

Good Mexican food dinner last night. The remains will also make a good breakfast. My Aunt Nancy Weare, the one from Guam, took me out while my folks were at a function. It was my first time giving someone a ride in my new (well, new-to-me) car. I also got her to order her first horchata, and as she's a sweet-toothed person like me she liked the drink.

And now it's pretty outside (my folks live in a pretty place), and it looks comfortable outside. I see a walk in my future. I'm trying to go on more morning walks on the weekends. (I already walk a fair amount on weekday mornings; my commute allows for walking...)

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