Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Waving at coffeeinhell, smiling at "Serenity," and more glad tidings

Gettin' the good stuff today:

* I picked a good day to be hungry. Pill Hill held special "thank you" luncheons for its employees today: finger food, roast beef slices, punch, all of which we got while listening to trios perform jazzy-ish Christmas carols. Feeding us is thanking us!

* I got out of work actually slightly early! W00t!

* I survived wind and cold!

* I got my parking space back! (Maybe that's a story for later.)

* I finally met one of my LJ e-quaintences in person, Dawn Taylor (coffeeinhell), one of the professional writers I read and enjoy. We both went to Kennedy School McMenamins, a converted elementary school (the one my dad attended!) that now holds hotel rooms, a restaurant, bars, and a movie theater. The movie was Serenity, my second viewing; it attracted several Firefly/Serenity fans, including people giving away Serenity-related swag (isn't "swag" a great word?). So Dawn and I could put faces to names and chat about stuff. I also met her husband Patrick, who's fun in his own way, and I met a woman who works at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, where I've led tours...

...AND I also met Mike "M.E." Russell in person, he who does the "Culture Pulp" comic. I thanked him for linking to Dawn's LJ in the first place, so I could meet her, and I also showed Mike that I indeed had a copy of his not-for-children's book Santa's L'il Gimp. He burst out laughing when I pulled it out and said, "You're one of the two!" He added that it was still his favorite creative work, because he loved Greg Dorr's script. (If I remember correctly, he called it "So wrong...but still moral!")
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