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I'd say I'm brayn ded, but I'm awake enough to spell correctly!

Hmm. Actually, I could imagine a fantasy novel character named Brayn Ded...some Conan parody character. Hey, maybe Groo fought Brayn Ded!

Here's a "waking up and engaging the brain" post. A weather front moved through last night, knocking the relative heat out of the air and letting said air get nicely mixed up. Still a little breezy this morning. Should be plenty comfortable.

Annoyingly, nothing sounds good for breakfast. I'll eat something more in a bit, and so far I have eaten a bit (banana, apple juice and a couple crackers), but I've been fairly mechanical in my consumption. Usually I like eating! Argh! But I'll get additional flavored calories into my system, and my system won't get mad at me the way it would if I didn't eat enough.

I have my (non-partisan) ballot to finish and turn in today, so tonight I'm running an errand to a drop-off place, either the boxes at Pioneer Courthouse Square or a box at a library. I shall finish voting. I should have finished voting earlier so I'd get fewer political phone calls...

Closing now, to forestall rambling. Want more words? Read Mike Russell's review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Edit. Okay, now it's rain. Often comes with fronts. So I will need a coat...
Tags: language, politics, portland

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