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Rest In Peace, Robert Asprin

News That Sucks: clever fantasy author, SCA/Star Trek fandom vet and all-around good guy Robert Lynn Asprin has passed away at age 61.

(Robert's Wikipedia page here; more reaction to his death here on kradical's journal.)

In the past few years, thanks to Alicia, I've gotten into his "Myth Adventures" books. I liked that Asprin would get into the politics and economics of his fantasyland (even demons and magicians gotta get paid, son), something a lot of fantasy authors never bother with. And of course, he was very funny, apparently even more so in person (when he didn't have to be PG or PG-13).


And on that sad note, I'm going the hell back to bed. I woke up early with a sore throat and the realization that I'd better stay home today, so that I don't get sicker. At least e-mailing sick notices means you don't have to speak.
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