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Chris Walsh

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Sick crankiness

Gyagh. My sore throat got worse overnight, and I woke up

*above sentence interrupted by coughing fit*

Okay, Chris, start again: I'm still sick. At least I'm not nauseous or feverish (I'm 97.8 actually), but I've been bolt-awake for over an hour now, and I woke up feeling worse in my throat than I did when going to bed last night. I've already done today's first gargle, to mitigate the ache a bit.

I'd like to run errands today, which (if I do them) I'll keep as wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am quick as possible -- I want to get to the bank (a branch with Saturday hours, of course), plus I need basic groceries -- but first I need to wait several hours and see if my body will cooperate.

GET HEALTHY, okay, Chris?

In the meantime, I'm cranky. If you guys could say or e-mail me stuff to make me un-cranky, I'd really appreciate it.

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