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The outside world still exists!

I've traveled beyond my apartment, for the first time since a quick walk on Saturday to drop off a letter. I've driven, for the first time since last weekend. I needed a break from my place, and was feeling good enough to get out (though I'm going to rest now; my temperature went back up to 98.6, and I can feel it) so...

...I drove up to Mt. Tabor, and walked by myself for a few minutes. Misty day in Portland, with a spritzing of rain; comfortable, though it makes me glad I'm not grilling today. And I had a view different than my view of the parking area behind my apartment building, which was nice to have.

After that I stopped at a grocery store, and got next month's TriMet pass, groceries, and cash back. I'm home now; I'm alternating between doing some computer stuff and eating lunch (comfort food: potato salad from the store), and after this I'll rest again.

I'm really looking forward to this journal being more exciting... :-)
Tags: peregrinations

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