Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

R.I.P., Alexander Courage

Alexander "Sandy" Courage has passed away at age 88.

Courage wrote the fanfare and theme to Star Trek and scored several episodes of Star Trek, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Untouchables, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and many more. He orchestrated all sorts of movies and TV shows, from the Forties to the late Nineties (he and Jerry Goldsmith were longtime friends and colleagues -- Goldsmith even brought him back to orchestrate the Star Trek films First Contact and Insurrection -- and he also worked with John Williams and the Boston Pops). He was a good man, and a multi-talented man; he was also a photographer, for instance.

Thanks, for what it's worth, to kradical for the heads-up.
Tags: music, star trek

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