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Work is working differently (job update)

It's been a complicated several days, but here's the quick sketch:

I'm working from home. AND THAT IS NOT A EUPHEMISM FOR "GETTING FIRED." It's more complicated than that. I am still drawing a paycheck, as I shift to new duties.

My job at OHSU is being phased out, as there was no longer enough work to warrant my working at the hospital. I have some OHSU work still to do, and my company is having me do non-Spheris work as well, so I'm still being useful.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening dismantling my hospital workstation and moving it home. Took a while; I was already tired. (And I had to drive up to the hospital twice because I'd left something I needed at home and didn't realize that until I was in the hospital.)

For that and for other reasons, I've been tense. Stressed. To the point of having trouble eating, which is rare for me. Working from home is a big unknown for me -- I've never done it for full-time work -- and whether or not I can do that will affect what sort of job I can do. So things are still unsettled.

One result is that, as I noticed today, I've lost a few pounds. They were pounds I could afford to lose, mind you, but I didn't want to lose them this way. Having almost no appetite for several days during the changes that led to my move is how it happened. (I don't know if I lost any of those pounds while sick a week ago; I was eating better then. I believe in "feed a cold and feed a fever"...) I feel like my appetite's returning; please let that be so.

Today is a day for myself. Go to a movie. Wear shorts. Walk around in the nice weather. Maybe take a nap.

I'm working through things, and I know that today will be a good mental health break.

Breathe, Chris.
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