Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Online Retail Therapy

I have the funds to function! So I just used some.

I've indulged myself by buying a load of film score CDs. Stuff that's coming soon to me:

* Logan's Run, by Jerry Goldsmith. Disturbing electronic noodling exploding into enormous orchestral rumblings for the cheesily cool movie. There is, no, Sanctuary! There is, however, a cool ruined Washington, D.C. ...

* The Shoes of the Fisherman, by Alex North. This was North's first big score after his half-completed score to 2001: A Space Odyssey was rejected, and in fact he reused significant chunks of his 2001 music here. I have the LP of the score; Film Score Monthly released 2 CDs' worth of that score. It's a rather disposable film, by all accounts: basically new pope Anthony Quinn prevents World War III. It's an attempted epic; there's nothing "attempted" epic about the music, which is huge and wonderful.

* Mutiny on the Bounty, the 1962 film version scored thunderingly by Bronislau Kaper. Hearing only a few minutes of this score was enough to make me want a copy of the whole thing (which, by the way, is 3 CDs long).

* The Wind and the Lion, another by Jerry Goldsmith; it's one of the most muscular scores he wrote in the Seventies, for the John Milius adventure film (decent flick) with Sean Connery as Arab raider Raisuli.

I also bought another film score I won't name yet, as it's a gift for someone who might read this journal. Hey, [name not here]! You'll like [this score, also unnamed]!

There. I've stimulated the economy like it needs to be stimulated.

Next I'm going out to Indiana Jones, which the one-screen Cinemagic on Hawthorne is showing. I like going to a theater that still looks like an Eighties theater to see an Indiana Jones film.
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