Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

VERY vivid.

The dreams remain vivid. VERY vivid. And, last night, a little disturbing. Like the line-up of people in a New York government building, all people needing unusual medical attention, including a tall woman...who wasn't immediately recognizable as a woman, because her skin was transparent, and her head was mainly marked by what seemed to be a free-floating network of blue capillaries. I could look through the capillaries and in places see the room beyond her.

And a really sad, disturbing scene another time: me being in the same car as where a mob murder happens. I was crouched down in such a way that the murder was blocked by a seat back, but I had this ugly, sad, thudding sense that death had just happened very close to me. And the murderer (what is it with the actor appearances?) looked like a grim-faced 1950s Henry Fonda. Hell, he almost looked like he himself was in black-and-white, or at least monochrome.

There also was, I'm glad to say, less disturbingly sad imagery: a crowd leaving a baseball game, and a repeatedly on-fire round object (on-fire inside a fish tank, somehow) getting flash-frozen to stop the fire. Still, oddly repetitive and just odd.

I don't normally put dream posts behind cuts or Friends-lock them, but both actions seemed appropriate this time (11/27/2011 Edit: It's opened up now.). I'm not quite sure why my mind's coming up with these. If it's an expression of my nervousness over work, I hope that nervousness settles. I want vivid dreams, not disturbing ones. Please?
Tags: dreams

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