Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Voice Post: The Cleanening

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“I am going to work a short day. Starting in a bit.

I took most of today off to accommodate one thing that happened and one thing that was supposed to happen but didn’t. Jim owns and maintains my building, and worked on my sink (a simple fix; we’d been prepared for a worst-case scenario of “remove the kitchen sink”). The Salvation Army was supposed to call me to schedule the retrieval of my former car, but didn’t; but I had to stay offline (while my work needs to be done online) in case the SA did call.

So to be useful another way, I cleaned. I cleaned like a fiend. I’ve felt smothered by stuff (stuff, stuff, stuff…), and I needed to neaten my apartment. Stuff has been thrown out! Other stuff has been made neater! Things I didn’t need at-hand are now farther away, like in my storage unit in the basement. When I need them later, I’ll get them. This gives me room to vacuum, which was sorely needed (after dusting). At one point, I got onto my back on the floor, stretching out on a part of it that wasn’t available for stretching out on this morning.

Now, after regular work hours, I’m going to work for a bit. Gotta get paid.”

Transcribed by: chris_walsh

P.S. I wrote out this entry and then decided to record it instead. So if it sounds "read," that's why...
Tags: voice, work

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