Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Spooky Dusti, Birthday Dusti (something for elionwyr)

For today's birthday celebrant elionwyr, a.k.a. Dusti, a.k.a. Spooky:

The Woodland Ones
something resembling a story by Christopher Walsh

They have plans for you.

It sounds too sinister to say they're watching you. They're really watching out for you.

Word can get passed along in woods, in zoos, in animal hospitals: birds are willing to transmit the messages they're sending, and to translate them from Squirrel to Bird to Cat (though that exchange is a bit of a standoff, honestly, but they manage the maneuver, like soldiers throwing Frisbees from different sides of a demilitarized zone). Animals are chatty, after all. Even the quiet ones. They just send word differently. You do have to watch out for the quiet ones, after all...

And that word is "That elionwyr, she's an ally. She's good human. She deserves treating-well."

Yes, that is the word from the animal kingdom. VERY specific. They have their priorities.

And if anyone winds up being the first person ever carried hip-hip-hooray style by a forestful of cheering (in their own way) squirrels, it's going to be you.

Happy birthday, Spooky. Stay intense and hilarious.
Tags: birthdays, poetical
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