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Jen/octoberland asked me questions, and I answered them:

Do you still take photos? I haven't seen you post any in awhile.
That hobby of mine’s really fallen off in the past year; I last did a lot of it in San Francisco for the wedding, at which point my main camera died. I have two replacement cameras – one film camera, one digital – and plan to get back into the habit. By the time you and I actually are in the same place at the same time, I’ll have a camera.

You list ballet as one of your interests. Really?
Absolutely. Beauty, grace and athleticism all in one: that does a lot for me. And we’re lucky to have a pretty good local company, Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT), that I’ve seen several times. At my desk is a photo I clipped from the paper: now-retired dancer Tracy Taylor in the OBT production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker. In fact, I once applied for a desk job at OBT! Turns out Mom likes ballet and dance, too – we went to a show together once – but I started noticing ballet on my own. Mom has trouble with the anorexic stereotypical image of dancers; I point out that OBT has a good track record of helping its dancers avoid that health trap. It has a history of people with non-typical (and non-starved) dancers’ bodies, like alumnus Vanessa Thiesen.

Ballet led me to a thought: I was watching a piece where the dancers were practically throwing each other, they were so kinetic, but there was still a flow to their movement. I wrote down “the human body can’t be dissonant.” There’s no equivalent of atonal, dissonant, jagged music in body movement; body movement always, to an extent, flows. That makes me happy.

How is it you've come to be friends with so many people in my neck of the woods?
One of my first LJ friends was robyn_ma of somewhere in Massachusetts; Robyn and I met on the old phorum greygirlbeast had on her site (that’s also where I met blubeagle, aoniedesade, Setsuled, and happyspector). I’m a fan of Robyn’s. Early in my time on LJ I would check out Robyn’s friends list, and I started following, and communicating with, shadesong, a friend of Robyn’s. This was in 2005. My circle of “e-cquaintances” grew out significantly from her.

I’m glad I have this core of people I know in the Northeast; I feel good about the Northeast. I felt very comfortable in Boston when I visited it in 1998. (That and I can handle East Coast humidity!)

What are you reading right now?
Keeping it on the short side at the moment: Stephen King’s Night Shift and the first trade collection of Warren Ellis’s Planetary. (I bought the trade all the way back in 2001 on a comic shop clerk’s recommendation but didn’t start reading until now. zarhooie reminded me that Ellis is worthy – she’s a big fan of his – and that prompted me to dig it out.)

What movie are you most looking forward to this year?
Weirdly, I’m already more focused on 2009: Coraline and Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and (hoping, hoping, hoping it’ll be good) the new Star Trek. For this year, it might be The Dark Knight, but I feel a bit disconnected from this year’s film lineup. I don’t know as much as I’ve known in the past.
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