Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A surprisingly not-in-depth Top Gun screening report

Here's the thing:

Last night's late-night movie screening of Top Gun, as put on by DJs Cort and Fatboy and hosted by KUFO and the Bagdad Theater, was a fantastic, hilarious time, in ways that actually wouldn't make that interesting an entry.

Some entertainment happened that, out of respect and fondness for the people involved, I won't repeat. Some illuminating chats that would be too out-of-context here, I won't repeat, either. One personal, momentary annoyance occurred, but I did something about it and then was fine...

...and -- this amazed Fatboy -- it was maybe the best-behaved audience they've ever had at these late-night screenings. Boisterous, yes -- we hooted and hollered during the volleyball scene and the dogfights, which still hold up as amazing visuals, and we cracked LOTS of jokes (Fatboy wanted Val Kilmer to say "I'm Batman") -- but not belligerant. Except for the drunk guy outside the Bagdad who started to harangue me for wearing an OREGON DUCKS sweatshirt (the most he got out was "Do you know the Beavers have OWNED you at...") until some guy he knew began to harass him, and they got up and walked down the street arguing, and I'm pretty sure they didn't come back. Good. More fun for us.

What I feel fine saying: we had a guy attend who was in costume as Pete Mitchell, a.k.a. "Maverick" (huh; I've seen Top Gun umpteen times and I never remember Maverick's real name, just his call sign), in a jumpsuit with appropriate patches for the character, aviator sunglasses correct for the character, even the right freakin' haircut. Spitting image. Impressive.

And I'm already looking forward to next month's movie. (Second Friday that time! Friday the 11th! Mark your calendars! I'll tell you what to mark it for later!)
Tags: midnight movies, portland, radio

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