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The power of porkburger compels you!

Good porkburger. Nice porkburger. Yes, my early dinner tonight was a Honey-BBQ Pork Burger, a special at the Bagdad.

I didn't get this burger last night. That was the mildly annoying thing to which I alluded. I sat at an outside table for 15 or 20 minutes and didn't get waited on. (That is when that drunk guy accosted me until that other guy accosted him.) Deciding it might take longer than I'd like to get dinner and get in line for Top Gun at that rate, I walked across the street and had a slice of pizza at the Oasis Cafe. Quick and caloric. The most I got at the theater that night was a root beer. I didn't even steal a tater tot from the plate of Mailman Chris.

So I was proactive in getting fed. Now I realize I could've been proactive other ways: sat down earlier to eat, or tracked down a server and ask who was taking orders outside. There are always possibilities, Spock said...

And today, I took advantage of the porkburger still being on the Bagdad Specials Menu by walking/bussing to the theater -- the way I've usually gone there for the late-night movies, except last night when I drove -- sitting down at another outside tale with my copy of Night Shift, and (woo hoo!) getting waited on almost immediately. I asked for and got tots as the side, which would delight tater tot appreciater Fatboy, and my fluids were a glass of water and a glass of IPA. I allowed myself a drink. It was a good drink, too.

I walked most of the way home, in weather good for walking: sweatshirt weather, which is good as I'm wearing a sweatshirt, no breeze, and no rain. And I kept thinking: Doesn't "Porkburger" sound like it should be a nickname? Yes, I'm still random.
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