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Not known, before: Whether I would want to, or could, work from home.

Now known, now: Yes, but not this job.

On Friday, May 30th, I moved out of my hospital office and started working online from my apartment. A week of that was enough to convince me that I shouldn't do that.

On Friday, June 6th, I phoned my manager and told her I would be leaving my job.

Two weeks' notice has begun. And I feel relieved that I've made this decision.

Here's my plan: I'm OK financially (f'r'nstance, I have the equivalent of three weeks' unused Paid Time Off that my company will pay to me), so first I will have a week or so of unscheduled time -- not looking for work, not stressing about the job hunt -- and give myself a vacation. I haven't had a personal vacation since a long weekend in May 2007. And then I will look into part-time, or temp, work.

Because I want to take off a chunk of time in August to attend Pi-Con, and finally meet a bunch of you in person. And I don't want to be a month into a new full-time job when that time-off happens. Heh.

In my ideal world, I'd have stuck out this job for a while longer before turning in my resignation, ending it closer to that August weekend, but the logistics of getting established in a home office (in a studio apartment, mind you) were becoming more trouble than they were worth, plus I felt that my space and my life would be overwhelmed by work. Which was causing stress, stress to replace the stress I lost from getting the hell out of that office. (By the way, every person who told me it was great that I'd be working from home has never worked from home.)

So I get out of a toxic work environment, I'll get a vacation, I'll be getting to the Northeast to see several cool people, and I'll get the chance to do better work.

Yes: this is worth it.
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