Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

All sorts of Christmas stuff

How much can I remember of yesterday? Let's see!

* My getting into the Christmas spirit on Christmas morning by watching, with an ever-bigger grin, the opening 15 minutes of the film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. All I want for Christmas is Mus-I-Cal Cheese (he said lovingly; I really do like that show)...

* Dad, staring at Mom unblinking (well, maybe not unblinking, but for at least five seconds), genuinely surprised that a pouch in his new University of Oregon sweatshirt contained an iPod. That may beat the family record for disguising-of-a-Christmas-gift set in 1984, when my brother put a single Star Trek comic book inside a giant cardboard box otherwise filled with crumpled-up newspaper, taking li'l 11-year-old me a full half-minute to clear out...

* My parents, still bemused that I asked for a stereo cassette deck for Christmas, because yes I do still listen to tapes (but my really old tape deck started eating tapes). This took some effort to find, but I'm glad they did. Thank you, folks!

* Dad getting an especially heavy haul of presents; he kept saying "I've hit the jackpot!" (Edited To Add: Come to think of it, what he kept saying was, "I'm cleaning up." Him saying it is endearing. Me saying it would just not sound right.)

* The folks reminiscing over the "Portland Remembered" calendar featuring 1940s and '50s shots near the Concordia neighborhood, where they both grew up.

* Mom casually mentioning that a whole box of LPs -- LPs I thought I had lost years ago -- had turned up really deeply buried behind the Christmas decorations! Oh my God, do I have some listening to do...because, yes (how much of a throwback am I?) I have a turntable!

* And my stash of 1980s Air & Space magazines I wanted to find but couldn't? Right next to the LPs...

* Me having a good time going through piles of old newspaper and magazine clippings I'd used to decorate my freshman year dorm room. I'm in cleaning-out mode again, so much of this will get thrown away, but it's a nice surprise to find it...

* My looking at the Hickory Farms finest-meats-and-cheese gift pack that comprised our Christmas dinner appetizers, and seeing the tiny cleaver for the Beef and Turkeys sticks and thinking, "Hey, that's cute!" Yes, I have actually found a knife to be cute. (Does this explain my taste in women? Heh heh heh...)

* My family, with members coming from Seattle, Olympia, Oregon and San Diego, laughing and scratching during a very late Christmas dinner while visiting dogs and cats kept a waaaaarrrry eye on each other. I mean, almost-going-limp laughs. We have fun. (Sorry, I don't have examples 'cause explaining the family jokes would take too long, but if you want another family's amused merriment, read this. Or how about this?)

* And for a moment of sincerity, our first sing-along in years of a song my cousin Jeff always loved as a kid, the "Johnny Appleseed" tune: Oh the Lord is good to me/ And so I thank the Lord/ For giving me the things I need/ The sun and the rain and the appleseeds/ The Lord is good to me. I started it at the dinner table; the whole family finished it, as we'd done at special dinners many times in the '80s...
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