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I'm on the Portlander radio

I was on-air last night!

I called into Cort and Fatboy during their "Versus" show -- every Thursday they choose two things and decided ONCE AND FOR ALL which is better (G.I. Joe or Transformers? The Simpsons or Family Guy? Hand or foot?) -- and put in my two cents. The subject: which "big dumb volcano-goes-asplodey flick" is better, Dante's Peak (which Cort likes) or Volcano (which Fatboy likes)? This, obviously, is for a certain value of "better," but I had good critic-y thoughts.

And it's saved online! Click over to Cort And Fatboy DOT Com and click the "Thursday, June 12th" podcast. It's about an hour of their DJ stuff last night (including their regular features "Fatboy's Dirty Laundry," "Cort's Backstage Blog," and other smartassedness); I don't know how far into the podcast I am (Edit: I'm about halfway through, at the 31-minute mark; thanks, greyaenigma!), but I introduce myself as Walsh. And I, um, angered Cort ("Get off my phone!").
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