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From the early stages of my pervert training

My DVD collection now includes The Kentucky Fried Movie.

That film, which I saw on video in the mid-Eighties (at age 12 or maybe even 11), was an early step in what I call my "pervert training." Ahhhhh, yay for sex that's both sexy and funny: "Eyewitness News" may have warped me for life. (Genuine question: How close did the guy and the girl get to actually having sex?) My heterosexuality had definitely been evident for a while before that -- honestly? The video for the Go-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed" seemed to be pressing my right buttons all the way back at age 8, and I moved on soon after that to the "women look niiiiice with their clothes off" stage -- but The Kentucky Fried Movie may have had the first fairly explicit sex scenes I ever watched.

I saw the DVD at a low price at Circuit City today and impulsed-bought it, but I also still have my mid-Eighties tape dub of the VHS version from Media Home Entertainment. And that has a little extra the DVD doesn't: the trailer for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! "No time to make a fuss/ We gotta get those tomatoes before they get us..."
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