Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Travels With Charley, I mean Civic (more driving)

It feels good, after being car-less for months, to indulge in driving again. I did so last night and then again today. After stopping at Jubitz, I headed slightly farther north to the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter, which I only visit every few years, and wandered around (gotta work off that steak, get exercise, exert, all that...). I visited the large antique carousel inside the Supercenter, seeing the write-up about that merry-go-round (it was at Venice Beach in the early 20th century, and people have claimed to see two ghost children playing on it) and pondering riding on it. I do that sometimes. Not this time; I was more in the mood to walk.

I circled the parking lot, around which big-box stores have sprouted over the last couple of decades. One corner of the lot has three mattress stores (Mattress World, BedMart, and Sleep Country USA) all in a row, and I wonder how well that works. I next stopped at Circuit City, where the movies showing on the big TVs were Invincible (the Mark Wahlberg football movie that Portland's Mike Rich ghostwrote), the second Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman Begins, and A Night at the Museum. I bought DVDs of The Kentucky Fried Movie and The Shawshank Redemption, the 10th anniversary edition where Frank Darabont did his first director's commentary. I next wandered through the Jantzen Beach Barnes & Noble (noting where the Caitlin R. Kiernan, Peter David and Poppy Z. Brite books were, as is my habit) and returned to my car. I'm liking this car. I'll make sure to treat it well.

Getting away from Jantzen Beach, which is on an island with one road exit (via I-5), can be an exercise in patience and careful driving. It went fine, if slowly -- there was a slowdown in Delta Park -- and I had the chance to look around and see the three nearest volcanoes. Mt. Hood's easy to see; Mt. St. Helens is a little harder to see; and Mt. Adams (north of the first and east of the second) is the hardest of the three to spot from Portland, but all three were visible and brilliant white from that vantage point on this almost-totally-clear day. I did more indulgence driving after that, crossing the Fremont Bridge and detouring to near the Oregon Zoo before running errands in downtown and heading home. Oh, I also passed the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Outside the museum is a full-size long-necked dinosaur model. Very cool. But gee, Chris, in the Eighties you could've said which species it was...
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