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Three Days to Go

I feel ready to say it publicly:

I'm making a big change. I'm quitting my job of the past four years. Friday the 20th will be my last day.

This comes after spending the first week of June working remotely from home and deciding near the end of that first week that A) I could, at a basic level, get the work done and B) I didn't want to. Working from home on this job wasn't a good fit. So on Friday the 6th I gave my two weeks' notice, and I've slowly been wrapping up the loose ends of the job, as well as letting people know.

I'm relieved that I decided this. I'm in decent shape financially without having to be working full-time right now, which is good because I need a break. (When did I last take a vacation purely for myself, not to attend a special event? May 2007.)

Heck, after I wrap up Friday's work, I'll go take a real break, attending the Friday night Can't Stop the Serenity charity screening. The week or so afterwards, I've decided, will be "unstructured time," doing whatever, taking it easy, not being on a schedule. More plans will coalesce as I get further from this job.

But soon, I'll get a vacation. A real vacation.
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