Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A big sloppy wet kiss for Rick Emerson

Shows like today's episode of The Rick Emerson Show (listenable online at AM 970's website) show why I like The Rick Emerson Show:

* Rick knows quality! Today Rick named the Top Five "Weird Al" Yankovic songs about eating -- honorable mention "I Love Rocky Road," #5 "Addicted to Spuds," #4 "Lasanga," #3 "Spam," #2 "Fat," and #1 "Eat It" -- and DIDN'T name "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch," a song Al didn't want to do but was forced to by his record company.

* Rick knows Goth! A Goth appreciater like me, Rick has started a contest called "Goth or Not," where he reads a poem and a listener has to guess whether it's a poem Rick found on the Internet or it's one Rick wrote.

* Rick knows music! After the "Weird Al" segment, he came back from a commercial playing Al's "The White Stuff" (admiring how his producer Sarah X. Dylan could sing all the lines), then ended the show with Al's "Amish Paradise," randomly shouting "Fool" as the show ended.

* Rick knows awful! Discussing why certain serial killers become famous and certain ones don't, he said it helps to be distinctive: "You've gotta have a good hook." (He's the same guy who once referred to politicians "holding hands and shaking babies.")

And those are four reasons I like this guy's show.
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