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Surprisingly perfect day for a road trip, so I'm really happy this trip came together (quicker than I'd expected, honestly). Eugene was comfortably warm and breezy, and the Civic drove down there just fine. Took a different route into town, taking the Glenwood exit (near the Denny's where the argument in Five Easy Pieces was shot) and driving through the forested greenness of Hendricks Park. I made the mistake (briefly) of trying to drive near Hayward Field, which will host the Olympic track & field trials starting Friday: nope, no goin' over there. It's already a compound. So THAT'S how big a deal this is...

Alicia was in good spirits, happy to receive my latest pile of books and DVDs for her to peruse. She also let me borrow her omnibus edition of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, which I've been meaning to read. Lunch was at vegetarian Mexican restaurant Laughing Planet Cafe: salad for her, burrito for me, smoothies for both of us, and enough food overall that we didn't need dinner! And it's within walking distance of Alicia's place, which is another bonus.

Errands followed -- bookstore for books (completing her Caitlin R. Kiernan novel collection) and her pharmacy for a prescription -- as well as treating her to the fourth Indiana Jones. I still liked it; she had a blast. She's vocal in her filmic enjoyment. Once we got back to her place, she treated me to homemade strawberry shortcake, which I liked (and I'm not even normally a strawberries guy). Traffic was heavy but manageable and never-slowing between Eugene and Portland, so I count myself lucky.

And she's still funny. I count myself very lucky to know her funny side.
Tags: peregrinations

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