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Chris Walsh

Other yesterday stuff:

Saturday, I went to the Aladdin Theater about ten blocks from my place and bought a ticket for one of Kris Kristofferson’s solo acoustic concerts; I’ll see him on the 9th. You know, his writing for Janis Joplin (“Me and Bobby McGee”) and Johnny Cash (“Sunday Mornin’s Comin’ Down”) should be enough to make me want to hear him, plus happyspector enthused recently about Kristofferson’s music, so he’s definitely worth a try. And I should stop being a snob about country music, so I don’t miss any good country music.

Then, after some other errands, I traveled farther than planned to see King Kong. I decided to try a brew pub in St. Johns that shows first-run movies (coffeeinhell likes the place), so I took a long bus ride from downtown up to that theater, only to find it had closed early for New Year’s Eve.

“That wasn’t in the ads,” I said to the guy who was telling people this.

“I know, it wasn’t in the ads,” he said, in the weary tone of someone who’s had to say that several times to several people.

I feel stupid for having said it, as if my saying it would magically make the theater open, so knowing I was starting to sound like Clueless Customer Person, I said, “OK, I understand.” Maybe I should’ve fallen to my knees Heston-style and screamed, “Nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo!”

So I hopped another bus that, conveniently, goes right past my neighborhood, stopped at home, dropped off my things, then drove to another theater that definitely was open. The results are below! Review-age for your reading pleasure! And isn’t that what it’s all about, Dear Readers?
Tags: music, peregrinations, portland

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