Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Something I will not write

Many times during my last year-and-a-half or so at the job I just quit, I was frustrated enough to want to vent about a certain person in that office. I vented in small ways -- a quick friends-locked post here, a complaint to a friend there -- but I also kept imagining a long, long entry that I'd write eventually where I'd thoroughly vent about that person. (Suffice it to say that this person seemed to have been built out of the difficult, maddening traits of every bad co-worker I'd ever had, and placed in a management position, someone I had to report to.)

A few weeks removed from dealing with said person in, well, person, and some time after having the last e-mail exchange with that manager (even those e-mails, by the way, would make me tense: Uh-oh, what will [this person] be on about now?), I've decided to mentally move those thoughts for that proposed long, long post to the Trash Bin. Because this person is not a factor in my life anymore. That's a better thought than any kind of venting I'd do.

So deletion starts...NOW. (Hey, I didn't say I could let go immediately. I can dwell, y'know? Stopping the dwelling might take a bit...)
Tags: work

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