Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Treating myself

I'm back to being Good Chris. To celebrate that (and to celebrate that a FedEx shipment to my place ACTUALLY GOT TO MY PLACE; I'd started to think I had FedEx repellent) I'm taking myself to the Moreland Theater, the neighborhood theater nearest to me, to see Pixar's Wall*E.

Yes, Portland still has quite a few neighborhood theaters: the Clinton, Cinemagic, the Academy, the Avalon, the Roseway (though that may be closed for now), St. John's, the Hollywood, the Portlander, and of course McMenamins' restored and renovated theaters like the Bagdad and the Mission. We've lost plenty of other places -- the Alberta where my parents went is long gone (but hey, the Kennedy School theater is near where the Alberta used to be!) -- but the town's done a good job at keeping a good percentage of them.
Tags: portland

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