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Videos are what I can post right now. (Reptiles!)

Pretty snake. Rick Emerson had a reptile wrangler on his show this week. Ritchie (the guy shooting the video) played a cruel trick on Rick when he went to pet this snake.

Other reptiles-on-Rick's-show videos: King Cobra (which inspired Rick to stand on an office fridge). Diamondback rattlesnake, "surgically de-venomized." A veiled chameleon, which eats a mealworm. Alligator in the house! (I couldn't resist, s00j.) A tortoise. (More of the tortoise.) An African puff adder. A monitor lizard. And a 9-foot Burmese Python.

Speaking of Rick, want an earworm? Here's a musical description of different kinds of bread! (Seriously. It's an earworm.)
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