Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's quiet. Is it too quiet?

To quote "M1A1" by Gorillaz, "Helloooo?... Is anyone there?... Helloooo... Helloooo?...Is anyone there?... Helloooo..."

Hi. Good morning (as it is still morning for most of those who'd be reading this). Very quiet, this corner of LJ.

I've been quiet, too. It realy feels like I'm regrouping. That means I've been pretty wrapped up in myself lately; it also means I've been commenting a lot less than before. I miss that, but I also want to be sure that my comments to y'all are about something, that they have more depth than posting "Me too!" (like some braindead AOLer). Trust me, I'm reading you and thinking about you. Yes, even you.

I'm at my parents' house, treating it kind of like a vacation home. It's a naturally cool, relaxing place in semi-rural Dundee, with a lot of land and plant life and the ponds that Dad installed several years ago. And as the temp went above 100 here yesterday (only 20% humidity, though, so it is just the heat, not the humidity), the air conditioning was a heck of a draw, too. And the daylight basement that's the most naturally cool part of the house.

Things are comfortable. I slept well last night, and the outside temp's now in the mid-60s. I can ease into this day. Laundry's my big goal.

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