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And I've been productive.

Out and about, is what I was: I used my car well to get errands done...

* I dropped off my packed-up Spheris equipment at a FedEx Kinko's, so they'll get shipped from there back to my former employer. I needed to go to the store anyway because one piece of equipment wouldn't fit in the box for it, and I didn't want to book -- and wait for -- FedEx pickup at my home. Three giant pieces of equip...

Oh, crap, I literally just remembered I didn't pack up the switchbox between the two computers I'd used at the office. Oops. OK, I'll take care of that another way.

ANYWAY. Three giant pieces of equipment are gone from my apartment, no longer taking up space. Thank goodness.

* I took care of DMV paperwork to replace my old car's title that I stupidly tossed, which means once I have the replacement title, I can get the Salvation Army to schlep away my old Accord. It will be useful! Later. I'll get the title in the mail in about four weeks. Not quite done, but more done than before...

* After that, I had lunch (an enchilada at the Bagdad) and then bought groceries, and now I'm home. I'm gonna watch Buffy.
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