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Walk? Rock!

13,500 steps today, y'all! Woo to the hoo!

This is the first time I've definitively reached and surpassed the "10,000 steps a day" goal since getting my pedometer Christmas Day (though I came within a couple thousand that day). I devoted this whole afternoon to walking, in fact, and saw the temporarily-halted landslide in the West Hills. I also got treated to a view of the bulk of Portland -- downtown, Northwest, North, Northeast, and Southeast (including the view straight down Hawthorne) -- spread out below those West Hills.

Then I weaved my way down to downtown, the library, and Meier & Frank. I went to the 10th floor (clearing out after Santaland closed) and successfully resisted walking down the up escalator between the 9th and 10th floors. I was tempted, though, figuring "Hey, I'd get more steps that way..."

And on my way home, I picked up a treat of comfort food: a pork dish, soup, and egg rolls from Milwaukie Teriyaki. Then after dinner, one more spin around my neighborhood, and then the confirmation of my "Great Success!"

PLUS I hooked up my new phone, and I can actually hear people on it! Even low talkers! Another woo-hoo!
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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