Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Seattle update, Part Whatever of a Bunch

I sped to Seattle. (Literally. Got my first-ever speeding ticket on Rainier Ave. yesterday. That thing you did, Chris? DON'T KEEP DOING IT.) The hanging-out and relaxing have begun, and have been ongoing since yesterday afternoon. Just me, the cool people my cool cousin Amy "Max" "Maximy" Walsh knows, the sun rays, the views, and my reading material. My kind of vacation.

"Maximy" -- my combination of her given name and her chosen professional name: it's short for Maxim; yes she named herself after Maxim deWinter in Rebecca -- has let me tag along on her stuff. (I must be sufficiently housebroken.) She had a nanny gig yesterday afternoon, meaning I got to see that she's good with children; she was looking after a girl named Jemma who's a week shy of her second birthday. Later we hooked up with Bo, Max's boyfriend, and all of us went to Seward Park's beach. We waded, even Bo, who's used to Georgia coastal water. Me, I've swam fully immersed in Oregon Coast water, which is C-O-L-D COLD even in August, so I had no problem wading. I told Bo he should get in the water and sing to her "I've been wading for a girl like you..."

OK, we're headed to the Columbia City Farmer's Market, so more details will appear magically in this LJ later.
Tags: peregrinations

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