Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

At Last the Next Seattle Visit Post!

Back from getting fresh veggies and fish at the farmer's market (plus grilling supplies and additional grill-worthy food at Safeway):

After the beach at Seward Park yesterday, we returned Jemma to her family. We were joined at Maximy's by Sae, a friend and former roommate of Bo's (fellow Georgiaite, too...Georginian? Georgian? I should know this...), and she and Bo and I skedaddled to a pizza place for quick sustenance (good sustenance, too: my slice was a basil-pesto pizza that was a pleasing shade of green). We then spent a few hours socializing and drinking at the War Room's rooftop bar near the Broadway QFC. Max, who'd had an errand, caught up with us there. I let my throat get pleasantly burned by a small glass of neat whiskey 'cause hey, I wasn't driving, and I just enjoyed the mass of humanity and the 80s/90s music getting DJed. Prince makes all things better.

When night had fallen, Max and Bo and I (plus a couple more of their friends and colleagues; I don't feel like remembering and reciting names now) took advantage of taco night at the Wild Rose a few blocks away, as we were still hungry. Maximy seems to know everybody there, and (thank goodness) everyone we met there likes her. The cheap-but-good tacos went down well.

The day finished. Returning to Maximy's house was successful. The next day will be in...the next post!
Tags: peregrinations

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