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Braggin' on myself (sometimes)

So the weekend grocery shopping is complete, with a bill of $61.07. That's after $28.08 in coupon savings.

A good chunk of that ($15.99) was for a two-for-one supplement deal, letting me stock up on Fish Oil and Flaxseed Oil for cheaper than usual (as my cousin Amy/Max said, "Supplements are expensive, but not as expensive as the doctor"), but after that it's still $12.09 I didn't have to spend.

I think I and the coupons did that well. Thanks, coupons! *shakes coupons' non-existent hands*

And in other news I'm glad to hear, the mileage on my '98 Honda Civic is averaging out to between 32 and 35 miles per gallon, as I'd hoped. (Calculators are good tools.)

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