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A simple life

There's been less to write about lately. Life's been pretty simple and quiet sine I got back from Seattle. Online stuff, watching Season 3 of Buffy, reading, walking, radio-listening, eating... those are the highlights this week. Oh, and trying not to spend too much, since I'm not earning at the moment.

I do have some news: yesterday I reactivated at Manpower, the temp service I've had good luck with before. (I got the OHSU/Spheris job through Manpower back in 2004, back when that was a job I enjoyed.) I went to the downtown office and was happy to see John, one of the people there three years ago, still there. He remembered me, too. Paperwork and shooting of the breeze followed. When I pulled out my two forms of ID, I mentioned the ID joke in The Big Lebowski. Turned out John's a fan of that film, too. I told him about the March of the Lebowskis; he went from vaguely knowing that that had happened to being impressed with the details of it. So I'm closer to earning again, possibly, and keeping occupied between now and the Northeast U.S. trip. Six weeks to go...

(I won't reactivate at Express. I felt burnt by an Express office back in 2004; I toyed with the idea of returning to that office and just screaming. I'm not a screamer by nature, so to even be toying with that possibility showed that I was really upset.)

Today is an all-windows-open day, as I let in the breeze and the cooler air. Got a little stuffy in my apartment yesterday; now I'm using the naturally air-conditional air to my advantage. Yes, I'm less stuffy!
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