Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tanned, rested and ready!

Of, if only you could put a strikethrough in the title, 'cause the "Tanned" up there would be struck through. At least I think that's funny. (One time a Time reporter was interviewing David Letterman for a profile, and Letterman said "Hey, could you say somewhere in the article that I'm tanned and well-rested? I'm not, but I think that always makes for a really successful piece.")

Slept well last night -- no cool dreams to report, though -- after a cleaning day yesterday. Ever more free of Too Much Schtuff, I try to be.

Busy night tonight. First I'll drive into downtown to the Camellia Lounge (510 NW 11th, about four blocks north of Powell's) to see Tricky Pixie (s00j, stealthcello, and Alexander James Adams) at 9 p.m. Unlike the last time I saw s00j and stealthcello, I won't have time to feed the musicians (though I'll care for them!), because I'll then drive out to near Gresham and see The Dark Knight at 12:01 a.m.

Errands and Buffy viewing will happen before that. I have "Graduation Day" Parts I and II left...
Tags: firefly/whedon, music, portland

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