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Sympathy "Ow, ow, ow, ow"

OK, I'm awake. Woke up to e-mail from my brother T.J. about the medical travails of my three-year-old nephew Robbie, who's about to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. T.J. made sure to assure us that Robbie's fine, but yesterday (ow, ow, ow) didn't go (ow, ow, ow) as planned...

First...Robbie's fine.

Robbie went in to have his tonsils and adenoids removed (as well as putting tubes in his ears) yesterday.

The doctor started on the tubes first. The first tube went in fine but the incision for the second bled forcefully (like vertically for several feet). The doctor packed the wound to stop the bleeding and decided not to do the rest (tonsils and adenoids) until they can determine why Robbie had the issue. (He said it could be a large vessel in a strange place (more likely) or a bleeding problem (much less likely since Robbie has gotten skinned knees and stuff before and has had no clotting issues).)

Robbie came home around 1:00 yesterday (as originally scheduled) with his second ear packed with gauze and covered with a bandage.

Our next step is an appointment on Tuesday evening with an Ear Physiology specialist to look at Robbie. If his followup (which is likely to include an MRI) does not uncover anything, then the Ear/Nose/Throat doctor suggested a hemotologist followup to check on bleeding issues.

Robbie slept through the night fine (at least he was not awake or crying). We're giving him his last "scheduled" dose of Tylenol with Codeine this morning and from here he will just get doses when he seems to be in pain. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits last night. (Plus the fact we're giving him just about any food he asks for seems to help also.)

Cindy's mom is here to help out with the kids so I'll be heading to the office today (since Robbie is in much better shape than he would have been if all three procedures had been done yesterday).

Ow. I really want to hug the little guy. Virtual hugs will have to do, as he's 3,000 miles away in Virginia.
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