Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tricky Pixie music-y. Whee!

Full-strength Tricky Pixie! Portland finally got to see all three members – S.J. Sooj Tucker (s00j), Betsy Tinney (stealthcello), and Alec James Adams (no LJ handle as far as I know) – all making music together at the same time. Same place, even! Last night they played at the Camellia Lounge, an offshoot of The Tea Room at 510 NW 11th in the Pearl. And they did pearly music, too! (Now, Chris, c’mon: that imagery/metaphor was a bit of a stretch…)

I saw copperwise and husband tanuki_green for the first time in a while, and saw Sooj fan/friend elocinnuala for the first time ever. She’d driven from Olympia, Wash., after work, to be there. Probably only the band traveled farther to be there that night.

With two people happily modeling Sooj’s “Lost Girl Pirate Academy” T-shirt (not the same T-shirt, but two different shirts worn by two different women), ever-changing light behind the lounge’s wall-lining curtains, and a warm vibe, Tricky Pixie treated a small, appreciative audience to their music. We sang along lustily on “March of Cambreadth,” while Alec played his part so strongly that his fiddle bow broke mid-song, and – hey! – I finally learned that the sing-along part of “March of Cambreadth” is “HOW MANY OF THEM CAN WE MAKE DIE?!” I also got to happily hug Sooj, chat with Betsy, and finally meet Alec.

This I think is true: Alec has what could be a good pirate voice.

At this concert, Princess Bride/”Wendy Trilogy” fan fiction was discussed (would the Dread Pirate Roberts and Red-Handed Jill fall in love? Someone needs to write that! They’ll have to choose which Dread Pirate Roberts first, though…). Hats were changed: Sooj said, “People figured out I like hats. The hats have their own bus.” Sooj’s boyfriend ‘K Wiley added a puppet alligator to “Alligator in the House.” Sooj sang like a torch-singing raccoon (really) in a Tinney-penned song about this Redmond, Wash. raccoon who they’ve nicknamed “Tough Titty Cupcakes” and who brings her increasingly scary-looking offspring around to eat cat food.

And this was overheard: “We were thinking of a “Taglio!”/Sweeney Todd mashup. Which is just wrong.”

Happy music time was had by us!
Tags: music, out-of-context theater!

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